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We are excited to start our series:

Spotlighting Six Bedroom Homes for Seniors.

Many people don’t know about this excellent option, so we will be chatting with the folks who own and operate these “Board & Care Homes” and let you have a look around.

Today, we are featuring Viktoriia Andreichenko who owns three lovely Board & Care Homes here in Santa Barbara.

Asked why she got into this field, Viktoriia, who has been doing this since 2012, had many thoughtful things to say. First, she loves working with elders, and says it’s the thing that makes her most happy in life.

Her philosophy? “Put them in charge. They matter.”

She believes it’s very important to notice the things her residents care about and she does her best to meet all their needs, whether it’s painting their room a certain color, or giving a 92-year-old man a chance to pole dance. Yes, he can and does do this (safely of course.)

“We talk to them about all the things they’ve accomplished in their lives. One of our residents was in the Korean War. Another created recycling while living in New York. Everyone has a story to tell and it’s such a pleasure being able to listen.

You see the faces of the residents, smiles, gratitude, and not like working in an office. It’s completely different. Here you’re living the life. – Birthday cakes and memories.”

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