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Here’s what they do:

  • Senior Peer Counseling and Support Programs: CFSA provides ongoing support and guidance to low income seniors both individually and in group settings. With 25 volunteer counselors who hold 250 support groups annually.
  • CareLine: This program offers daily or weekly calls to seniors who are suffering from isolation to help them feel less lonely, and check on their safety and wellbeing.
  • Real Help: CFSA locates reliable and qualified providers to those in need of help with daily tasks.
  • Hot Meals: CFSA provides over 100 hot meals to seniors who are unable to leave their homes. They not only receive delicious food, but also regular visits from people who care about them and help them feel less isolated.
  • A Quarterly Newspaper: Here is some of the information in their summer issue.
    • Poor dental hygiene has been established as having a strong correlation to Alzheimer’s.
    • A list of the best dating sites for seniors.
    • Advance Health Care Directives. Why you should be sure to create one – and it is never too early to do it.
  • Referrals and Information: Along with all the wonderful resources they provide directly, the Center also provides referrals to seniors and their families to other resources they may need.

They are an amazing resource and we are grateful for them.

You can contact them by phone at (805) 898-8080

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