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Thanksgiving, the day when many fortunate people gather together to celebrate over a hearty holiday feast is almost here.

However, there are many Seniors who are not so fortunate. Perhaps, they have no family or friends nearby to celebrate with. Or even if they do, they cannot, because of physical limitations and declining health which prevents them from leaving their homes.

Many live alone. Others may live with a partner, but neither is able to drive, shop, or prepare a meal any longer. Surely, Thanksgiving might be a difficult and lonely time for them. Thanksgiving dinner has become out of reach.

It should not be this way. We are very fortunate to have dedicated organizations in our community who make sure that it is not, by delivering a Thanksgiving Dinner to people’s door.

Food From The Heart Logo

  • Food From the Heart: A non-profit organization dedicated to providing delicious meals prepared by professional chef, Aaron Casale. FREE OF CHARGE. Meals come in packages that will feed one person for up to a week and are delivered each Wednesday. Just in time for Thanksgiving!  Each bag contains a main entrée, a baked casserole, a large salad with dressing, a deli salad, a small dessert, a bag of fresh fruit, and a bag of freshly baked local bread.

Visit their website for more information:

  • Meals on Wheels: In addition to the daily delivery of meals throughout the year they offer a special Turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Day delivered to their door at a cost of only $4.95.  Note that in order to be eligible, Seniors or others who are able to assist them need to call and schedule a phone interview and sign up for a minimum of two weeks of meal delivery. According to their website, once this interview is complete, meal delivery usually begins within two days.

Visit their website:

For those interested in ongoing delivery of fresh meals, there are a wide variety of options to be found Online. We’ve listed two  below. To find more, Google Home Food Delivery for Seniors.

  • Magic Kitchen: Provides frozen entrees to your door to heat and serve. Their website says there is no subscription required. You may just pay as you go. Unlike many other services, you can order entrees individually and mix and match your favorite items to create a custom menu to meet specific dietary restrictions and health conditions.Those who are able to pop something on the stove or in the oven may visit their website to order their Thanksgiving meal at:
  • Flex Pro: Offers a wide variety of meals to suit all dietary needs and preferences. Meals range from under $7.00 to $11. Plans range from 7 to 21 days. You “build your own box” from their many selections. Next day delivery is available and once you no longer want or need this service, you can cancel anytime. Visit:

We want to acknowledge and give special thanks to our local organizations who do so much to provide warm and nutritious  meals to folks who struggle to get them, or otherwise might even go without.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!






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