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It can be very stressful for families when the time comes to find Assisted Living for a loved one.

It is common for family members to have differing views of all kinds regarding what is best for the person who can no longer safely live independently, or with a family member who can no longer manage their care needs.

When families cannot agree on the “right” course of action to take, it can lead to emotionally charged, protracted and at times costly conflicts, even among families who have had harmonious relationships in the past.

Mediation offers an opportunity to peacefully resolve whatever disagreements exist.

Though relatively few people think of Mediation amidst these stressful circumstances, an experienced, impartial neutral can make all the difference.

Mediation affords the opportunity for constructive and collaborative communication and ensures that all viewpoints, goals, and concerns are expressed in a safe and controlled atmosphere.

When people have a chance to voice their points of view, feel they have been heard, and their positions are understood (even if they are not agreed with) it is almost always the case that all involved find they can better work together toward a mutually acceptable resolution for all.

Simply put, disagreements that seem like they will never end, transform into opportunities for people to work together. And when they do, resolution is almost always achieved.

In addition to her work as Senior Placement Advisor with Santa Barbara Senior Living Consultants, Jennie Welsh is a Mediator in private practice with over 30 years’ experience in Santa  Barbara, working to resolve disputes of all kinds.

She is a member of the Santa Barbara Superior Court Mediation Panel, where she has worked since 2010, assisting parties to resolve disagreements people could not resolve before resorting to legal action.

It is the rare case that conflict of any kind does not end in a peaceful agreement through mediation.

If you and your family find yourselves struggling, consider mediation to help avoid the emotional, financial, relational, and other costs many people face when dealing with challenging situations.

Jennie is Specially Certified in Divorce & Custody Mediation. Her passion for helping families navigate the many emotionally difficult challenges they face brought her to join Santa Barbara Senior Living Consultants.

She is careful to rule out any conflicts of interest. Where none exist, if you are in conflict, she can help you and your family work it out together and come out the other side with an agreement everyone can live with.

For more information on mediation please visit her website

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